Not only do the bags say “Handsome Man” or “Cool Guy” chips, they also come with dreamboat trading cards.

[Photo: oyatsujapan]

Here’s another look at the bag.

[Photo: oyatsu-daisuki]

The chips. Yep, they look like potato chips. But this is not your regular bag of chips!

[Photo: oyatsu-daisuki]

Each comes with a trading card, featuring working men from around the country.

[Photo: Love_Lilly1126]

Like these fellas.

People are invited to apply to appear on the trading cards. They are not professional models.

[Photo: boi_pr]

There’s also a version of these chips featuring attractive ladies.

[Photo: Ikemen Pikajo Chips]

The chips are not sold in stores. According to Irorio, the chips are available for purchase online for 324 yen (US$2.63) a bag which is much more expensive than the 120 yen (US$1) or so you usually pay for chips. Hey, beauty like this ain’t cheap.

Top photo: Ikemen Pikajo Chips

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