Remember, you can pick your friends. You can pick your nose. But you can't pick your friend's nose. So pick this phoney nose!

From the folks at Bandai, here's a line of synthetic rubber noses called "Hojirerun desu" (ほじれるんです), which means they are "pickable."

These are capsule toys and starting next month, they'll be sold in small capsule toy vending machines for 200 yen ($2). Note that capsule toys can often get rather unusual and silly. This product was also designed by the folks who did the cool Mugen series of edamame and bubble wrap toys. Like those products, the pickable noses are all in good fun and not entirely serious.

According to GetNews, the rubber noses come in four different shapes: Nose (regular), Wild Nose, Beauty Nose, and Idol Nose. There are also clear versions of the noses, so you can observe your nose picking. There's one "rare secret" nose, which looks to have snot coming out of it.

For when you are on the go and want to pick someone else's nose.

Ram your finger all way in, and the nose with make a suction sound when you pull it out. Just like a real nose, right?

Oh why, why, why?

心おきなくほじりたまえ! 好きなだけ鼻をほじれるカプセルトイ『ほじれるんです。』[GetNews]

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