Japan's latest internet meme is going in circles.

What started out as an anti-drug poster image depicting the dangers of drugs and the cycle of chemical dependency quickly turned into a fiasco of strangeness and hilarity with a slightly cynical undertone.

The original poster is as follows (With translations added below):

①The Vicious Cycle of Chemical Dependency

②"It'll make you feel good."

③"Maybe just once"

④When the effects of the drugs wear off...

⑤"The drugs wore off. I don't have any more drugs."

⑥"I need drugs quickly! I'm in pain!"

⑦The body builds up a resistance and gradually the dosage used increases

⑧"More. More."

⑨The desire is temporarily satisfied.

⑩The addict can only think about drugs.

⑪[Addiction] The inability to willingly stop using a chemical after one use

[Resistance] After repeated use, the body becomes accustomed to the drug and the same dosage no longer yields the full desired effects.


The original image is from a 2010 drug awareness poster, the image of which was posted on the Miyagi prefectural government homepage. Apparently, someone took notice of the versatility of the image and switched out the text, making their own humorous original.

The picture was then posted on twitter where it quickly caught on earlier this month, with people making images showing the dangers of dependency on things from twitter to Minecraft to... olive oil?

A blogger, furandon_pig, even created a simple program where people can input text and make a poster of their own.


Take a look at some of the dangerous dependencies that people want you to be aware of:






Hunting (giants):

Miku dayo:





Olive oil:

Kan Colle:


Magical Girls:

First Person Shooters:



I'm sure it's only a matter of time before one comes out showing the dangers of the dependency on making posters about dependency...


宮城県/みやぎ県政だより 2010年12月号/特集1 [宮城県公式ウエブサイト]

「悪循環画像ジェネレータ」を作ってみた [夜はいよいよ冴えたのだ。]

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