[Image: Nintendo]

While Nintendo was ready for Pokémon Sun and Moon to hit historic sales figures, the company announced today that its numbers did not surpass Pokémon X and Y’s Japanese launch. Don’t worry, because Sun and Moon still did crazy good.

Famitsu reports that in its first three days on sale, Pokémon Sun And Moon sold 1,905,107 copies at retail (this number doesn’t include the download versions).

In Pokémon X and Y’s first two days on sale in 2013, the games sold 1,866,570 copies in Japan, but sold another 473,151 copies in its second week for a total of 2,339,721 in its first nine days. (These numbers do not include downloads.)

According to Famitsu, Pokémon Sun and Moon’s 1,905,107 units sold didn’t beat Pokémon X and Y’s 2.096 million units sold during the same period. It’s still the second best-selling 3DS game at launch in Japan. Not too shabby!

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