In Japan, An Esports Facility Is Opening For Elderly People

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Photo: ISR esports
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On July 2, an esports center aimed at senior citizens will open in Kobe, Japan.

Called ISR Esports, it will only cater to people who are aged 60 years old and up. The established is open to those who have never played a video game before, with staff on hand to help.


First, seniors are introduced to some basic gaming experience before they get a chance to, what ISR Esports calls, “full-blown esports titles.”

So think of this as a place where senior citizens can game and experience video games in an environment that is conducive to their needs. I think that’s pretty cool!

As PR Times notes, ISR Esports says it’s following the guidelines regarding the novel coronavirus in hopes of offering an experience that’s safe and fulfilling for seniors.

In the past, Kotaku has reported how arcades in Japan have become gathering places for the elderly, many of whom are lonely and are looking for a place to congregate and communicate, as well as a place to enjoy to rack up hours in difficult games. 

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Kate Moore (chiisaisuzume)

That’s really great!  It’s a shame that so often older folks are overlooked when it comes to video games.  Okay, maybe we lose our “twitch” references as time goes on, but games can still provide a lot of benefit.  My Mum’s doctor is thrilled that she plays:  mainly puzzle and hidden object games, but she’s recently developed an interest in Mario & Zelda, too.  Not only do you get the hand/eye coordination, it keeps her actively thinking and provides at least some exercise for her hands.  I’d love to see this kind of thing encouraged more widely.  :)