[Images via Topick HK]

I live in Japan. We have lots of KFCs (including buffets!), where you can get lots of fried chicken. It’s probably the same where you live. But if you live in Hong Kong, you can now order something slightly different.

According to Excite and Sina, Hong Kong KFC has started offering “Kansai-style” sukiyaki nabe, which is rather awesome. Just look at this:

[Image: Sina]

Damn. Japan doesn’t even have this! (Note: This also isn’t exactly what sukiya looks like in Kansai.)

There is also a “Japanese style” seafood version. Both are available at only one location in Hong Kong, apparently, and you get rice and a Pepsi for only around US$6.40.

I dunno, I think this is neat. I’d eat it. Hopefully it’s as good as the photos look.

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