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Got an email this week from the CEO of Genesis Interactive, which runs GotGame, a social portal for gamers. Asserting that "PC gamers spend a quarter of their time in game waiting for either teammates to log in or games to load," they've developed a browser - called Rogue - that allows you to look at porn surf the web, without leaving your game and potentially missing out on the action.Says Win Betteridge (I swear that's his real name. I think.)

Rogue eliminates this waiting game, enabling gamers to surf the web via a fully functional web browser without ever leaving their favorite games. Players can navigate to Wowhead to obtain information about items in World of Warcraft, or pull up Hulu to watch movie clips between Counter-Strike rounds; these are just two of the countless options available to PC gamers through Rogue.


Hey, I just thought of another use - READING KOTAKU, while waiting for your raiding party to get back from a commode break. For those grinding for experience or performing other mundane MMO tasks, I can see where this browser could be helpful. And MMO playing and web surfing are two great tastes that go great together for the Internet/game addicted. Rogue also allows you to set the transparency of the browser so it overlays your game, when you're in situations where you can deal with that kind of distraction. It goes without saying this is a PC application, not Mac, because, like, who games on a Mac anyway. But you can get it here, if you're so inclined. Rogue: In-Game Web Browser [GotGame]

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