In FIFA 18 For Switch, Human Flesh Is An Illusion

It’s sports season, which means sports games, and also lovely sports game glitches.


FIFA 18 came out on Friday for every platform under the sun, including the Switch. While players were worried the game would be only a shadow of the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions, it’s not all that bad. I’ve been playing a few matches and everything’s gone well enough so far. It might be missing some modes and, more egregiously, be lacking online play with friends (you don’t get to choose your opponent), but at the end of the day it’s a competent recreation of the world’s favorite sport for a handheld device in a long time (possibly ever).

Graphically the game looks, well, fine. Personally though, I’ve never cared that much about how sports games look. Polygon faces are still polygon faces. Does the grass look crisp? Is it easy enough to tell the uniforms apart? Well then good enough.

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As some players have found, the game apparently share’s this sentiment, at least when it succumbs to the occasional glitch. One player who goes by Boldverine encountered the above issues and recorded a video of it unfolding on their Switch. They added,“It’s real and it was a random bug. Other than this I’m loving the game and I’ve been playing FIFA/PES for 20 years now [sic]. No regrets.”

Another player encountered a bunch of Huddersfield players with blue and green checkboards for faces.

According to one of the comments on the video this particular Blue Man Group-inspired glitch is more common with certain teams, like Huddersfield, but as you can see above it doesn’t imbue the Yorkshire-side with any special powers as Leicester take an early lead (similar to the thrashing they received in real life at the hands of Tottenham this weekend).

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While I agree that graphics aren’t super important, it is concerning that the switch just came out and is struggling to keep up with some AAA titles