Maybe he’s not much of a kisser?

Goku is married to Chi-Chi, and they have two sons, Gohan and Goten. We do know that Chi-Chi has kissed Goku as the above image proves.

In Dragon Ball Z, it was hinted that Goku kissed Chi-Chi, but never shown on camera.

According to the most recent Dragon Ball Super episode, however, Goku claims he’s never kissed anyone.


To save Mai, Trunks has his lips up to hers, and Goku, surprised, comments on how Trunks locked lips with Mai.

As pointed out on Anichil, Vegeta says, “Goku, you’ve never done that?” To which Goku replies, “Of course (not).” Vegeta then replies, “Aren’t you married?”


“Is that somehow related?” Goku asks, and an exasperated Vegeta goes, “Forget it.”

Guess the Goku kissing Chi-Chi scenes will have to be reserved for the seemingly endless fan art.

That, and this statue is a lie, it seems.

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