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In China, McDonald's Makes Both a White Burger and a Black Burger

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You are looking at a Black and White Hamburger combo. That's right, the hamburger wizards at McDonald's in China figured out how to make what looks like the hamburger equivalent of the black & white cookie—but needed two burgers to do it.

As website TheBeijinger points out, this isn't just a black and white burger or merely a tribute to Michael Jackson—nor is it a play on the yin-yang sign. The site explains:

...a colleague informed us they're a play on a Chinese phrase: heibai liangdao tongchi (黑白两道通吃), which describes people who are so well-connected with both the government (that's the white side) and organized crime ("black society," as it's called in Chinese) that they can "eat from both sides." In other words, someone who has a foot in both camps.


The black burger is topped with white sesame seeds and has a black pepper sauce with chopped onions. The white burger is topped with black sesame seeds (clever!) and has a sweet and spicy flavor. But how does it taste? Some think it's okay! Website Beijing Cream hates it, though, blogging, "I would sooner eat a century egg bathed in stinky tofu with a chicken-foot garnish than order this again."


This burger set is sold only for a limited time, so eat it—or avoid it—while you can.

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