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Like Anthem, D2 is a hot mess still. Couldn’t get past the character creation screen until about an hour ago, and it plays just as badly in terms of optimization and sluggish feel as Anthem’s two “demos.” It’s messy, bulky, and has little of the feel of D1 (wife and I have about 1500 combined hours in D1).

Of course, after some major patches, it, like Anthem will be in a better place, so we’re still excited for both, but thankfully we get both games for free (just bought us both new Ryzen 7 + 2060 systems as ours are almost 8 years old, D2 was free when buying the cpus, Anthem was free for buying the video cards) as no way we would pay full price for either game. Learned our hard lessons from D1, Diablo 3, Destiny 2. In fact, we just bought Far Cry 5, MH World, and GR Wildlands on HEAVY discounts last week.

Which is good, as by the time we get through those 3 games (along with more Civ6 for her, more Stardew Valley for me on the side), the games should be about 6 months old and have been mostly fixed and optimized (and more fun than frustrating).

Still... Had a lot of good times in Division 1, and the Anthem demos showed a good game hidden within the muck of what we got to play, so should at least give us some happiness down the road. But we have lost our love of being able to play on or near launch day because it just taints the overall experience.