In case you missed it, I streamed some Onimusha: Warlords with Chris Person. Check out our stream archive and be sure to follow us on Twitch for daily streams too.

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I should watch this replay. I really enjoyed the game when it came out and I just bought it today, but after about 45 minutes in I can tell that it’s going to take some time getting used to it. The damn camera is driving me crazy and it’s a bit (lot) more janky than I was expecting...or remembering it to be. I also knew coming into this that it was mostly just lightly polished up and adapted for things like modern controllers and such, but for better or worse it definitely feels like an old game. I was probably much better at it back then, too. Jumping into Onimusha right after a clean up run in AC-Od (on Hard difficulty and Nightmare next) didn’t help much and I got my head smashed in a couple of times because I was letting the camera angles have their way with me. Very humbling.

Eh, I think, or at least I hope, that I’m still going to enjoy this remaster, but it’s been just kind of weird right now. But hey, 17 bucks at BestBuy is still cheaper than a 2-ish hour trip to the movies, so I’m good with the value I’ve justified in my head so far. It’s really more of a nostalgia trip than anything else.

I don’t think I’d recommend this game for someone who hasn’t played the original though. Without that pair of nostalgia goggles tightly strapped on, it’s probably just a bit too old and janky for the uninitiated. I may be so-so on this game, but damn if it doesn’t make me hope the tiniest, tiniest of hopes that maybe someone will pick up the IP for this series and rip out a new game. Or maybe something like Ghost of Tsushima is going to fill that void?