In Another World, Japan Got the PS4 First

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It was bad enough that Japan has to wait an extra 3 months for Sony's newest console, then the Japanese PS4 release commercial just had to rub salt into the wound. But had things gone a little differently, that ad would have shown Japanese gamers celebrating while the rest of the world waited.


In an interview with Weekly Famitsu, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia top man, Hiroshi Kawano, apologized to the Japanese fans, saying "We are very sorry for making everyone wait so long." In his apology, Kawano did note that the wait was not in vain. "We've been able to prepare during the wait and have established a secure play environment that people will be able to enjoy."

Looking back at the delayed Japanese release date Kawano revealed that, in fact, there had initially been suggestions within Sony to release the latest black monolith in Japan first rather than later. "The company staff love PlayStation – you could call them a group of loyal gamers, themselves – so there was a strong opinion to 'release [the PS4] in Japan first.'" Kawano explained.

In the interview, Kawano emphasized that he took the fans' disappointment to heart and that Sony intended to show that fact. "[The release date] was something we all thoroughly debated and decided upon." Kawano said. "All we can do now is show through our actions that [Sony] cares very deeply for its customers in Japan. We hope to continue with this effort."

As of the end of last year, over 4.2 million PS4s have been sold and many retailers are running out of stock. However, Kawano promised that every customer in Japan who had reserved a console within 2013 would get one on release day. ""This isn't something we're 'striving to do,' this is a 'promise.'" Kawano stated. Of course, with supply and demand being what is at the moment, he couldn't offer the same reassurances to anyone who is thinking of reserving a PS4 right now. Said Kawano, "All I can say at present is that we will try to fulfil all demands."

The PlayStation 4 is already out in most of the world (dammit) and is scheduled for release in Japan on February 22nd.


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Releasing in Japan first would have been a stupid move. Why bother focusing on a market where you are virtually guaranteed to outsell your competition, even if they have a head start, when you can focus on one where giving your competition a head start would actually hurt your bottom line?