Japan's First PS4 Commercial Twists the Knife in a Rather Mean Way

"Look at all these people, having fun with their PS4s," the ad seems to say. "Sure would be nice to get some of that action, huh?"


While I'm sure Sony Japan's intention wasn't to torture people—even the caption reads "The world will be united with play," which shows their heart was in the right place—still... you're a Japanese company. You've released your console outside of Japan first. This isn't a very nice thing to show your Japanese fans. Why not use some game footage? Can't go wrong with that.

PlayStation 4: Japan 2.22 [playstationjp@YouTube]

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While I like my Ps4 no doubt....pre-ordered it and got it on release day, I'll be real honest to those that don't have it yet and want it. WAIT until there are more games!

I mostly use my PS4 to watch videos and crap and just recently to play AC4 Freedom Cry which was pretty awesome. Other than that I find myself playing what I have on my Steam library and wanting to go back Skyrim/Oblivion or use my 360, since that was my primary gaming console.

I have to say what flippin' shitty ass launch they had. The library is dry and although it tends to be like that for launch, I feel this is the worst one I've experienced yet~

It is gathering quite a bit of dust. On a positive note, it's a nice piece of hardware and I can't wait to play the games coming up. I'm waiting for the Xbox One's library to grow so that's also something to look forward too~