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In Amsterdam, Mario Will Totally Get You High

Illustration for article titled In Amsterdam, Mario Will Totally Get You High

If you've ever played a Mario game, you've probably wonder, "Is Nintendo on drugs?" Well, no, Nintendo is not on drugs, but that doesn't mean Mario can't get you stoned—especially in Amsterdam.


Spotted by Japanese site Rocket News, this "Mario Shop" features the iconic plumber with bloodshot eyes and sells mushrooms, bongs, and cannabis seeds. It does not offer marijuana, fireballs, or bee suits.

The fungi available for purchase are kept in cold storage—which shop staffers better refer to as the Mushroom Kingdom.


マリオの薬物ショップが大人気 / 日本では違法なキノコも販売中 [ロケットニュース]

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It's a nice enough store, but you're better off ordering your shrooms on the internet. Most dutch growers have their own websites and they usually have some awesome deals there, making it much cheaper to order there then to buy it in a store like this.

Then again, i guess it's perfect for tourists since they can't order it online in most cases.