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In a Kickstarter update, American McGee announced that famed Hong Kong writer/director Tsui Hark is now part of his Alice: Otherlands animated film project. "I'd join the team to make this project a wonderful success," said Hark, whom McGee called "one of the masters of kick-ass."

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Tsui Hark (pronounced Choy Hokk), big-time Hongkong film producer and director, often on bad terms with other directors. He was the partner of John Woo back in the late 80's until a falling out between the two as they made A Better Tomorrow II (with Chow Yun Fat in an iconic role that inspired Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction).

He's nothing special at all. He's a cash cow director that really doesn't care about making culturally significant pieces of art. What he says here rhymes well with that - he just wants to make it a success. Doesn't seem interested in Alice at all.