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We may earn a commission from links on this page

In 2015, We Might Finally Get Next-Gen Visuals

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Polish company Better Reality, who do effects work for advertisers and Hollywood, have developed a piece of technology called Thorskan. It's designed to scan real environments then recreate them in 3D. And the effects are impressive.

While the tech has been built for - and is being used by - studios like 20th Century Fox, Better Reality say it can also be used for video games.


One studio currently using the tech is fellow Polish outfit The Farm 51 (Necrovision), whose PC/XB1/PS4 game Get Even will use Thorskan to recreate real environments.


There's no footage of Get Even available per se, just some screenshots (like the one above), but there is some test engine footage, which you can see below.

Easily the most disappointing thing about the PS4 and Xbox One's launch was that - even though it was to be expected - there were no games that really showed us what these new systems were truly capable of. Exclusive titles were either rushed or relied on a barrage of particle effects, while multi-platform games were hamstrung by last-gen development.


It's stuff like this that's going to signal the real beginning of next-gen visuals. If, you know, it actually looks that good in a game. Hence the "might" in the headline.

Get Even has a very tentative release date of 2015.