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Impressions Of Torturing a Rabbid In A Wii Remote

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I know I'm way late to this, but I was only amused by the weird comedy-torture game in Ubisoft's upcoming Rabbids Go Home a few days ago.

The video above was shot by GameTrailers during Ubisoft's E3 demonstration of Rabbids Go Home back in June. The main game looks nothing like that. It's a third-person platformer exclusive to the Wii that's heavy on comedy. I played some of it and will have impressions later this week.

But as an aside I wanted to highlight this loony mini-game/side-amusement/whatever. The idea is that Rabbids, the comical protagonists spun off from the Rayman series, are alive in your Wii Remote. So the camera zooms in for an internal view. Once that happens — and as I experienced first-hand at a demo in New York last week — you can use the Remote to abuse the Rabbid.


Shaking the Remote causes the Remote on the screen to shake. Pressing any button makes those buttons move on the screen as if you're seeing the inside of what you're doing to the Remote. The Rabbid will become curious and wander to the button, attempting to imitate the click of buttons with its little yells.

Inside that Remote, apparently, are Rabbid torture devices. The game's writer, Gabrielle Shrager, put a clamp on the Rabbid's head and began squeezing it. She let me shake the remote hard to send the Rabbid caroming off the far end, near the pointer sensor.


She said you can feed the Rabbid a bomb.

The game's for kids with a creative and maybe mean streak, it seems. It made me laugh plenty.

I'd never played a mini-game set inside a game controller before. I liked it. Look for more impressions soon. The game's out on the Wii on November 3.