This weekend, Kotaku posted images of a new mural going up in downtown Manhattan. The unfinished mural seems to show the yet unrevealed Grand Theft Auto V box art. Impatient people decided they couldn't wait for the mural's completion. So they finished it themselves.

(UPDATE: The mural isn't done, but the boxart officially is.)

Kotaku's story went up this weekend. So, what about now? Via Instagram user helltones, you can see the unfinished mural's progress:


Over on, what looks to be a Rockstar employee wrote: "The cover art is currently being painted as you’ve seen. Please stay tuned and we’ll have it here in digital form at the Newswire this week." It's somewhat unclear what exactly this comment is referring to, because the comment above it has been removed.

Website Gameranx couldn't wait and has the below image that fills in the missing bits by inserting art into the mural's tracings. The mock-up is not perfect (some of the painted parts don't match). But it just might give you a glimpse of what to expect if this really is GTA V's box art.


As Kotaku noted previously, Rockstar had a similar mural to show off GTA IV's box art back in 2007.

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