Imagining The Branding For A Nintendo Console That Doesn't Have "Wii" In Its Name

The Nintendo image is one of the most treasured in gaming. It carries a lot of weight, a lot of history. Yet that weight can sometimes be as much of a burden as a benefit, which is why even the oldest and proudest companies can sometimes opt to drop the vintage in favour of a new approach to branding.

That's what designer Jordan Rosenberg has tried to do for Nintendo here, with his ideas for the branding of a Nintendo console that, rather than confusing people with another console that had "Wii" in the title, is he says "a fresh approach that is simultaneously back to basics and a completely new chapter, separate from the Wii".


He's called it the "N", and has based its logo on the popular (if not actually accurate) translation of Nintendo's name, which many believe means "leave luck to heaven".

"My goal for this mock up was to portray the n as a gate or sanctuary, with steps leading up to it", Rosenberg says. "Nintendo is very much known for their vibrant color palettes, so I decided to tone things down a bit."

I'm not sure about the logo, but I love the box art mockups.

The Nintendo n [Jordan Rosenberg]

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