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Imagining DuckTales Lyrics

From the writer of the Mega Man 2 song lyrics, which forever changed the way gamers viewed the Capcom's classic, comes the lyrics to the moon level from classic Disney platformer DuckTales.


Brentalfloss had me at Mega Man 2, but I have fallen even deeper into the pit of bromance after seeing his take on one of my absolute favorite games from the NES era, Disney's DuckTales (woo-oo). I spent the entirety of that game making up my own lyrics for the repetitive level music, and though those words are long since forgotten, I know they didn't come close to what Brent here has achieved, especialy in terms of showmanship. When he breaks out the jazz hands towards the end, it's all over. You will watch this a hundred times.


Thanks LuppyLuptonium for pointing this one out.

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My sister and I used to make up lyrics to the Sonic 2 & 3 songs. Good thing is that we still remember them and occasionally break out into them.

The most original one was to the Dr. Robotnik battle music from Sonic 2. It consisted solely of singing "Dr. Robotnik" to the music. Next time you play Sonic 2 think of those lyrics and how impossible it would be to ever forget that.