Imagine Town Spearheads Ubisoft's Online Game Initiative

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Imagine Babies? Imagine Doctor? Try Imagine Town, the virtual world based on the successful game series, spearheading Ubisoft's online gaming lineup for fiscal year 2010-11, with Might & Magic Heroes Kingdoms, Trackmania 2, and two unannounced titles in the works.


During today's sales report for the third quarter 2009-10, Ubisoft talked up its focus on online gaming, with hopes for the company's first online revenue pegged on Imagine Town. Based on the successful Nintendo DS series for girls, Imagine Town is a virtual world where young girls can make their dreams come true.

Imagine Town will be tied in with UbiWorld, Ubisoft's gaming portal for girls, launched quietly sometime last year, while we were busy avoiding things aimed at young girls, apparently. According to an Ubisoft representative on sales results conference call, UbiWorld has been a huge success, growing to more than 800,000 users today from 200,000 in November 2009. The company expects the community to grow to more than a million by June, and once Imagine Town launches, that should translate into a nice revenue stream for Ubisoft.

"This is a great online opportunity for Ubisoft, as this game will leverage the huge customer base and brand recognition of the Imagine series," a representative explained.

Along with Imagine Town, Ubisoft is bringing Might & Magic Heroes Kingdoms to the UK and North America, having already released the game in France, Trackmania 2, and two more titles, which have yet to be announced.

Online games were two of three pillars Ubisoft mentioned during the call, with casual titles and sequels receiving equal attention.



I wonder if there will be an Imagine Ghetto...