"I'm the Best Man. I Did It." Viral Freestyler Eli Porter Gets His Own Documentary, "People's Champion"

Remember Eli Porter? You probably wouldn't by name. But he's the kid who went viral in the "Iron Mic" freestyle competition with the famous "I'm the best man. I did it." line. And for some reason filmmakers Trent Babbington and Walker Warren decided to make a documentary about that moment—and I'm glad they did.

"People's Champion: Behind the Battle" tells not just Eli's story, but the story of an entire scene of high school kids in Chamblee, Georgia in 2003. It shouldn't work—it was just a silly little rap battle shot by a film class—but the film takes the moment apart, exploring every moment of a four-and-a-half video to show everyone from the teachers, the students behind the camera, and the kids freestyling as the normal, good-natured people they are.


People's Champion: Behind the Battle [Vimeo | Facebook]

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