I'm Only a Dog Person When the Dogs Are Solving Crimes

I've always favored cats over dogs. Cats clean themselves. Cats do not require action on my part in order to use the bathroom. Cats have an intelligent look about them, so when they do stupid things it's even more hilarious. I feel cats are superior to dogs in all ways but one—dogs make better detectives. That's why Relaxed Focus Games' Detective Dogs gets a pass.


A pair of questionably-lovable cartoon hounds find themselves embroiled in a sinister plot hatched by the mysterious C.L.A.W., an organization that might have something to do with cats; I've not gotten that far, and frankly I'm not looking forward to the potential conflict of interest.

What I am looking forward to is 80 chapters of dog-based match 3 variants. The dogs dig. The dogs search. The dogs follow. The dogs fight. It's not the most dynamic match 3 gameplay—I'm used to more bells and whistles, but that would probably have scared the dogs. Stupid skittish dogs.


I'm also looking forward to the bit I won't see—a variable difficulty level that adjusts to players from five-years-old to really old but still able to operate a mobile game.

Dog Detectives is available now on iTunes and Google Play in both free trial and paid versions. Play it before your stupid dog eats your iPhone.

Detective Dogs — $.99 [iTunes]

Detective Dogs — $.99 [Google Play]

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"Cats clean themselves."

Cats dig through their own poop 'n' pee and then walk all over your stuff.

You used to be my favorite writer here, Fahey. What happened? Cats over dogs. Jesus H.