I'm Late To Nioh And I'm Loving It

If I wrote a list of my favorite games of 2017, Nioh would not be on it, because I didn’t start playing Nioh until just two days ago. I just bought it for myself for Christmas, 10 months after its release. And I’ve made a video about what I think of it.


I’ve been working in, around, and with video games for the last 15 years. When you play video games for a living, sometimes you don’t get to play all the ones you want to play. Sometimes, you keep remembering one specific game throughout a period of months or years, and you end up buying it for full price one day long after its release. Nioh was that game for me, this year. Everything about it intrigued me when I first saw it. That intrigue never faded.

If you ask me, nobody is immune to that hype that swarms around a game’s launch. I’d argue that you shouldn’t even say what your favorite game of 2017 is until December of 2018. Therefore, I’m pleased to announce that my favorite game of 2016 was Stephen’s Sausage Roll.

Maybe next year at this time, Nioh will be my favorite game of 2017. (Probably that’ll still be Super Mario Odyssey, though.)

Anyway, Merry Christmas, everybody! If you want to get me a present—don’t. I’m a minimalist. I’d prefer you just subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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We need that video on the stick shift action game stuff, man.