The new trailer for next month's new Tomb Raider takes an interesting turn: we've got men and women of various ages and ethnicities all saying that they're Lara Croft.

We at Kotaku knock game companies when they push a game in a less than classy way. Might as well praise them when they do something nice. So, kudos to the Tomb Raider folks at Eidos for doing this bit of good work here.


Instead of asking gamers to protect Lara or lust for Lara, this time they ask us to identify with her. On the one hand, it's standard game-sold-as-power-fantasy. But it's also a case of welcoming a broader array of people in as potential players of Tomb Raider games. Smart business, to boot.

Just one caveat...

You might be Lara Croft. But you never received official training to be Lara Croft. I did (jump ahead to the three-minute mark and revisit one of the more ridiculous things I've ever done in my career):

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