This Animated Earthbound Tribute Is Just Incredible

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Look, let's be straight: if you've played Earthbound, it is impossible to watch this video and not tear up a little bit.


Just try. I dare you.

Animator Sagan Yee has been working on this short film—POLLYANNA—on and off since 2010, and she describes it as "a simple re-telling of the major events in the game."

The concept I had in the back of my head as I animated was, "If Earthbound was a Saturday morning cartoon, what would the opening theme look and sound like?" with a colourful children's pop-up book quality to the visual style.

That beautiful track, by the way, is from the original Mother soundtrack, and performed by the singer Catherine Warwick (who was just 14 when she sung it). SO MANY FEELINGS.

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Marc Keever - Future

I have noticed alot of posts about Earthbound lately, is this because of Super Smash Bros. wonderful Magicant level? For me atleast, this is Nintendo's most obscure IP, I'm sure alot of people are wondering if they are ever going to do anything with it besides throw Ness into the Smash roster every 4 years?

They are apparently too busy saving the Wii U (they are doing a fantastic job of it) and who knows? maybe this time next year, we will probably be talking about new Nintendo hardware (a "new" wii U?)

Is Earthbound on Wii U virtual console? I sorely hope so, Smash has been the tipping point for me - I have decided that this is the year I buy a Wii U, and Earthbound looks like a fantastic game that would only steel my resolve, I have been waiting for Nintendo to give me a reason.

Only Nintendo can make games so good, that you buy them twice!