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I'm Getting Hungry. Hungry For Games

Illustration for article titled Im Getting Hungry. Hungry For emGames/em

Greetings one and all, for a new week of Kotaku open-threading! I sense you're probably taking a break from any of the billion games that released last week, or maybe you're hanging out in line waiting for the launch of one of the billions of games that come out tomorrow?


No matter! Here is a thread for you to talk about whatever you'd like. Here are some conversation-starters and cool things I saw around the internet.


That's what I got. Chat amongst yourselves, and enjoy the evening.

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Oh God. Please don't let this movie be successful. If it is, whoever owns the licensing rights to Battle Royale is gonna say, "Oh man! This movie about teens killing each other was a box office smash! Lets make our own similar movie with this license we have, PG-13 it up, and retool it as a teen drama for the masses!" Fuck. Because that's exactly how that shit will happen. I mean, whatever. Hunger Games is just one giant fucking ripoff of BR anyways, I don't care about that. And I don't mean to go hipster about it. God knows I've wanted an American adaptation of BR for ages, but fuck if I want it to be some shitty teen drama shit out by Hollywood. And that's exactly what's going to happen if this film is a success. Just like what Twilight did to any media with vampires in it.