I'm All About Battlefield 4's Commander Mode

This is how I want to kill you.

I've tried killing you in the trenches, face-to-face, but that rarely ever happens. You're behind me, with a knife. You're rounding the corner just as I'm turning to look the other way. We bump into each other in the alley and you recover from the surprise a split-second faster than me.


But Commander Mode is back, and I don't have to do that any more.

I will sit back in my chair, tablet in hand, and watch you and your team scurry like mice across a tiny toy battlefield. I will direct my men to your location. I will rain death upon you and cackle like a mad god.

Yes, Dice — this will do nicely.


Aside from this new feature, the whole time I was watching the BF4 video from E3, all I could think of was "BF3 but with new maps." Yet, people complain about yearly CoDs and copy and paste jobs. Lol. Needless to say, I wasn't wowed at all. It's too soon after BF3, imo. Might wait til BF5.

Did the same thing with CoD. I skipped BO2, but will probably be getting Ghosts. Skip a game gives me enough time for the game not to feel same ole.