When K'nex Brands first announced its upcoming Titanfall line of building toys at Toy Fair earlier this year, I was unimpressed. Now that I've spent several days playing the game, I must have all of them right now.

K'nex, like Mega Bloks, is one of those building toy companies the video game makers go to after LEGO makes it clear they don't do over-the-top violence. They are marketing themselves as "America's Building Toy," as if being from Denmark were somehow uncool. Whatever, they're also the perfect medium for rendering gigantic battle mechs.


The Titanfall sets seen here, like the $34.99 IMC Atlas Titan Building Set seen above, won't be out until fall, which is a bit of a pity. I am getting my ass kicked in the game NOW. I need to be able to crush a toy replica in frustration sooner than the fall, dammit.

Check out the other sets coming in the line:

Titanfall: IMC Pilot Strike — $12.99

Priced and designed for sad, poor children.

Titanfall: MCOR Pilot Attack Building Set — $12.99

Seriously, where are the mechs?

Titanfall: Angel City Escape Building Set — $44.99

$44.99 for no mechs? Crazy talk. I guess these are for folks interested in setting the scene.

Titanfall: MILITIA Ogre Titan Building Set — $34.99

Okay, this is more like it.

Titanfall: Ultimate Angel City Campaign Building Set — $99.99

And we have a winner! It's your one-stop shop for K'nex Titanfall goodness. Two mechs, a sprawling cityscape, some little people to kill. Wrap this one up please.


Again, these K'nex Titanfall building sets won't be out until the fall, so start saving up your allowance now, boys and girls.