I'll Take Achievement Trivia for $500, Thanks

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Achievement Point Trivia is an iPhone app that's as self-explanatory as it gets.

For $0.99, you can download the application and test your knowledge of arcane, useless Xbox 360 trivia. Sure, everyone knows about Dead Rising's "Zombie Genocider", or Crackdown's orb fetish, but APT should put you under the hammer in its three game modes (standard, 2-minute "lightning round" and endurance).


Sounds stupid, but then, picture the kind of person that cares about achievements and gamerscore. They're competitive. And if Xbox 360 games can't settle a test of manhood between friends, then splitting hairs via an iPhone app might have to do.

It's out now.


Killer Toilet

Here's a question:

In the order of decreasing length to increasing length starting with 53,594, what games feature you to kill one more zombie than the last one to get the achievement?