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I'll See You On The Beach (Or Close To It)

Illustration for article titled Ill See You On The Beach (Or Close To It)

Dear Kotaku readers, won't you come into this open thread and share your conversation with us? We could use a little back up, what with all the vacation happening this week.


I will join the other half-vacationing Kotaku editors starting tomorrow, when I hop on a plane to head to more-sunny-than-LA Orlando, Florida to visit the other McWhertors (and friends like those pictured above). You won't hear much from me until after Christmas, but if I do post, I think you'll find those posts will be... interesting developments. Nuff said!

What are your holiday travel plans, if any? If you're staying at home, why not read up on some interesting things, like these.


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I watched Joe Dante's 'The Hole' last night. It's pretty good, a creepy family 'horror' like Gremlins. Some parts really were quite creepy, but the shock moments were dulled down for the audience so that it would still be watchable for most ages.

But anyway, it's quite a good watch. It's entertaining and pleasant viewing.

I also picked up Evangelion 2.22: You Can (Not) Advance.

I have the first part, which was really good. It's like the anime 'light' but it doesn't really cut out anything which is nice, so I'm quite looking forward to watching the second part over Christmas.

After that, I may go back to watching either Dragonball Z again (I didn't finish all of the Frieza saga yet) or possibly Saint Seiya or Yu Yu Hakusho. Both boxsets are in the movie store near my place and they are going for a reasonable price too.

I also have to finish Code Geass and watch how Bleach interprets the later episodes of the Manga. I have read pretty much all of the Manga, but I have only watched up to the 'Bount' filler arch. Oh well, it's always good to have plenty to do...

...Oh and finish Ghost of Sparta, continue playing Portable Ops and hopefully fit in a little more WoW. :D