I'll Have Whatever Drugs Far Cry 3 Is Having

When I played Far Cry 3 last week, I was impressed by a lot of things—but chief among them was the audacity of the in-game drug sequences. Not many games have your character straight-up take hallucinogens, but why the heck not? As games like Alan Wake and Batman: Arkham Asylum demonstrated, it's possible to creatively re-use in-game assets to build surreal, fascinating dreamscapes.


Sequences like the ones in the video above can also be used to creatively fill in backstory (Note the voice that I'm assuming belongs to Jason's girlfriend telling him that she got the role), and can generally be a lot of weird fun.

I pulled out the two better drug sequences to give a sense of what I'm talking about. Hopefully the full game will feature a lot more of these.

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Done some drugs when I was younger... of the effects nothing was ever like anything in these videos. Conclusion is that either the people directing these scenes have never done drugs... or I missed out on the good ones.