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Ignition Has A Deadly Premonition For 360 Owners

Illustration for article titled Ignition Has A Deadly Premonition For 360 Owners

Ignition Entertainment brings more survival horror to the Xbox 360 next year with Deadly Premonition, a creepy tale of mystery and terror set in a remote rural town.


Access Games' Deadly Premonition not only sounds a lot like Silent Hill, it also looks like it as well, with a bit of Fatal Frame thrown in for good measure. The game centers on FBI agent Francis York Morgan. investigating a murder in a small town. As the story progresses he unravels layers of mystery surrounding the place and its people. The game's action sequences will allow players the chance to choose between slipping by enemies unnoticed or running in guns blazing and fists flying.

"Ignition Entertainment has done an incredible job finding and targeting each game's primary audience and we could not be more excited to team up with them to publish Deadly Premonition," said Hidetaka Suehiro, Director, Access Games. "We've developed the graphic styling and game play of Deadly Premonition to uniquely trigger the suspenseful emotions in every player. We promise an astounding ending if you can meet the challenge to solve the mystery and make it there!"


Even the marketing quotes sound like Silent Hill! Check out the first teaser trailer below, or visit the game's official website for more info.

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Man, that trailer was too revealing. I practically know the entire plot now! #deadlypremonition