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Ignition Brings Arc Rise Fantasia Westward

Illustration for article titled Ignition Brings Arc Rise Fantasia Westward

Ignition Entertainment and Marvelous Entertainment have announced that the former will be responsible for publishing Imageepoch's turn-based Wii RPG Arc Rise Fantasia in Summer 2010.


Arc Rise Fantasia is a rather lovely little Japanese RPG which tells the story of L'Arc, a mercenary setting out to save the Meridian Empire from monster invasion. The characters in your party share an AP meter, allowing you to strategically queue up your attacks to suit every encounter. You can check out the Japanese website for videos and such to help fill in the blanks there.

"In Arc Rise Fantasia we've implemented a fun and quick paced battle system to give gamers an enjoyable RPG experience," said Hiroyuki Kanemaru of Image Epoch. "Ignition Entertainment has a great track record with bringing established Japanese experiences to new western audiences and we're delighted to be able to team up with them to publish Arc Rise Fantasia."


Last I had heard, XSeed was publishing the game in North America early next year. Ignition previously picked up Muramasa: The Demon Blade for the Wii after XSeed dropped the title from it's lineup. Not sure what happened to shake things up, but I'm pleased it will still arrive eventually.

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Aw, I hope this wasn't Ignition's big surprise announcement. :[

Not to diminish the value of the game, but they HAD been hinting for a while that they were covering the Yakuza 3 localization. I don't think I can stomach another Tales-style JRPG for at least another year or two.