Publisher XSEED has announced its Wii, DS and PSP heavy E3 2009 lineup, taking the opportunity to announce that its bringing Lunar: Silver Star Harmony and Half-Minute Hero to North American PSPs.

The recently announced PlayStation Portable remake of Lunar: Silver Star Story will arrive in English this Fall, thanks to XSEED. It's also bringing over Yuusha 30 as Half-Minute Hero, a rapid-fire adventure that's part role-playing game, part strategy game, part shooter. It's neat and looks like this.

The rest of XSEED's E3 lineup features newly announced Wii games like JU-ON: The Grudge and Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon. All are perfect for your inner Japanophile. Full list after this.


  • Lunar: Silver Star Harmony (PSP)
  • Half-Minute Hero (PSP)
  • Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon (Wii)
  • Arc Rise Fantasia (Wii)
  • Flower, Sun and Rain (DS)
  • JU-ON: The Grudge (Wii)
  • Little King's Story (Wii)
  • Ragnarok Online (DS)
  • Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga (Wii)