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IGN Kicks Off Fund Drive for Haiti Relief

Illustration for article titled IGN Kicks Off Fund Drive for Haiti Relief

A life-size Lancer replica and an original painting from Bungie are among items IGN will auction next week in a 12-hour "webathon" to raise money for relief efforts in Haiti.


The fund raiser will be held beginning at noon U.S. Eastern/9 a.m. Pacific on Wednesday, and includes contributions from industry luminaries moved to help the Caribbean nation in this time of utmost need. Additionally, IGN editors will spend the webathon playing Modern Warfare 2, beginning as level one characters and increasing their donations as they rank up.

IGN says it has received many donations of items from concerned industry members, including that Forza 3 Xbox 360 autographed by the development team, pictured at left.


IGN's donation site will also include links where visitors may donate directly to Habitat for Humanity.

IGN for Haiti Charity Event [IGN]

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I'm no asshole, I've given a few bucks to one charity for this relief effort, but I don't recall there being this much effort helping out our own country.

If I'm not mistaken, there's still problems in New Orleans. Sure, give your dollar to these countries, but I'd say match that donation to a comparable effort for something here in the states.

People seem to forget that their own country has problems as well. Again, I'm not saying don't donate to these funds, by all means, do, just think about helping out your fellow citizen as well.