IGDA Condemns Alleged Rockstar Work Conditions As "Exploitative, Harmful"

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The International Game Developers Association has weighed in on accusations from the anonymous blogger(s) alleging unfair working conditions at Rockstar San Diego, calling the practice of "excessive crunch" during Red Dead Redemption's development "deceptive, exploitative, and ultimately harmful."

The statement from the IGDA does not solely focus on the rumored work conditions at Rockstar San Diego—makers of Midnight Club and Red Dead Redemption—choosing to address the industry as a whole.


"In any studio, the IGDA finds the practice of undisclosed and constant overtime to be deceptive, exploitative, and ultimately harmful not only to developers but to their final product and the industry as a whole," reads the statement.

Rockstar San Diego management is being accused of demanding 70-plus hour work weeks, leading to "mental, physical and emotional" stress for developers working on Red Dead Redemption. An anonymous ex-Rockstar developer backed up those claims in a report on MTV Multiplayer.

"The Board of the IGDA and the IGDA's Quality of Life Special Interest Group extend their support to the developers at Rockstar San Diego and their families," the IGDA continues "and wish them the best in resolving their concerns."


IGDA: Regarding Overtime Concerns at Rockstar San Diego [IGDA]
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Rockstar will learn in the end, if good employees leave them due to low pay, that their games' quality will suffer. If people leave the studio, R* will find people willing to do the work, which I am sure there are plenty!

If they are all so unhappy, they should all quit and form a studio...except wait...that takes even harder work. It is illegal not to pay for overtime. While there is some wiggle room in every sector, if it is so blatant, they would lawyer up and get paid.

These guys should appreciate the opportunity to work in such an exciting field. This is kinda like artists, musicians, and actors complaining of their stressful lives. I am sorry, but to me, these complaints fall upon deaf ears.

A shame? yes. Wrong? maybe. Crime? no.