NYU's fourth annual No Quarter exhibition of new indie games takes place tonight in downtown Manhattan and is well worth attending if you can get in. Learn more and/or RSVP here.

Going there ensures you'll be able to play some interesting new games. (Like this one from the 2011 No Quarter.)

As a bonus, you'll be able to look at and even buy some excellent-looking prints that celebrate previous No Quarter games such as Hokra and Nidhogg. The image atop this post is of Mark Essen's Nidhogg and was illustrated by Hamlet Machine. (Full version below.) See the rest of the very excellent No Quarter-inspired art over on the website of our friends at Attract Mode.


Tonight's No Quarter exhibition will include new games from Bennett Foddy, Sophie Houlden, Matthew LoPresti, Nik Mikros, and Josh DeBonis. If you go, you might even see some Kotaku people lurking around!