Illustration for article titled If Youre Going to Steal emPokémon/em Cards, Dont Stop to Steal Wart Remover as Well

Victoria Ariail, 27, has been arrested and charged after being caught stealing Pokémon cards from a Lexington Walmart last Thursday.


And she would have got away with it too, if it wasn't for that damned wart remover.

See, in addition to the cards, which must be ridiculously easy to steal, Ariail came unstuck because security noticed her walking out of the store with a box of hair colour, a cup, the cards and two bottles of wart remover.


Let this be a lesson to all would-be thieves: it's going to be embarrassing enough when word gets out you were caught stealing Pokémon cards. Try and minimise the damage by leaving the wart remover for another day, OK?

Oh, and bonus points to Lexington's, who in a rarity for mainstream news correctly identified them as Pokémon, and not just Pokemon.

Report: Woman tries to steal Pokémon cards, wart remover from Walmart [WISTV, thanks Jason!]

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