Few things confirm the ingenuity of gamers as effectively as the lengths they'll go to add penises to video games that don't include penises.

Battlefield 3 may be a war video game full of phallic symbols, but it didn't ship with drawings of genitalia. But the gamer in the clip here added one in the most clever and explosive of ways.


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UPDATE: Proper credit is due. This video was not made by AmazingFilms247 but by Oli Gill who is part of the Sir Community. Gill saw some of the questions raised by people reading this post and wanted to explain how this was all puled off: "This was done before the Dec 6th Patch and was made with lots of AT Mines. I set it off with one c4, if I made it with all c4 then there would be no chain reaction." Good going, Oli!


Battlefield Penis [YouTube]

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