If You're Dressing As Mario for Halloween, You Should Make Sure You Sound Like Him Too

This is fun. ThinkGeek is selling something they call an "audio reality costume." The gist is that, with Halloween a-coming, it's one thing to dress like a favorite character or nerd icon... but how much better to sound like one, too?


The Mega Stomp Panic clips onto one's belt or waistband and produces sound when it senses the wearer's motion. But what sounds? Well, in amongst "rainstorm," "gunslinger," and "hydraulic giant robot," there's a setting called "8-bit gaming hero." The sound of coin collection will take nearly any gamer (any old enough, anyway) straight back to the halcyon days of a certain plumber and the NES.

As the video shows, it's fun without a costume, too. But, like the dinosaur we saw earlier today, any costume is improved by awesome sound effects.


Mega Stomp Panic - Audio Reality Costume [ThinkGeek]

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I really liked some of them, but ultimately I just didn't really like all the ambient noise. It seemed to distract from the whole thing.