If you understand this reference, you should probably play LEGO Marvel’s Avengers. I’m currently battling the urge to collect all the bits while playing through the game for review, but in terms of pure Marvel cinematic universe fan service it’s a magical place.


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I stopped watching SHIELD TV series mid season 2, it got so boring, and irrelevant to the MCU, I just gotta stop. I think Colson is better as a dead pan comic relief cuz he’s really boring as a dramatic main hero.

Not to mention I am uneasy with Marvel making Colson’s death the main reason the Avengers called themselves “Avenge”-rs, and yet they revived him and hide him from the cinematic universe for 2 years for no reason. Maria Hill and Nick Fury is just going to keep Colson’s resurrection secret from the Avengers for how long? And for what? Do they fear that the Avengers are gonna drop everything and cease being heroes if they learn that the person they avenged is no longer dead anymore?

Plus, the production values and writing of both Jessica Jones and Daredevil put SHIELD’s to shame. I can’t believe the “NERF-gun-looking” night-night gun and “straight-out-of-Power-Rangers-show” Deathlok season 1 suit exist in the same universe as the rest of the MCU:

Can you imagine Deathlok, looking stupid and cheap like that, standing next to state-of-the-art looking Iron Man? Hell, can you imagine him standing next to Charlie Cox’s expensive looking Daredevil suit?

Boo DC all you like, but at least they know not to mix their cheap TV production and their multi million dollar movies.