Ever wonder what happens if two teams cover the field with the same amount of paint in Turf Wars? Is there sudden death? A tie-breaker? I wish.

In this footage by TheeIncubusHD, we see two teams that play through a match peacefully. Instead of painting the ground with ink, they instead elect to do a small dance-off on the corner of the map:


No ink anywhere on the map, as you can see:

Once the match ends, however, the game still tallies the paint...except there’s no paint on the ground. Not that this stops Judd the cat from trying to crunch the numbers anyway:


It’s a bunch of baloney—nobody won! It still picked a victor, though. TheeIncubusHD’s reaction is kind of golden here, so you should definitely watch the footage:

Wow, Splatoon. Wow. Kind of makes me wonder how many matches I’ve won/lost that were actually ties!


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