Great. The Unfinished Swan. Just another first-person painting game… that's all we've got here.


The story of this game? You're a young boy who is chasing a swan into an unfinished painting. Yes. They're really doing that again.

Try something new, will you, Unfinished Swan developers? Don't tell me... the boy is bald and wears armor. No? OK, then.


At least the game appears to have some crates, which the developers pointed out to me when they recently let me play the game. I hadn't seen it since it was in the 2009 Independent Games Festival and hoped they'd stepped things up.

This game's got crates. Great!

It also features a stark, white, featureless world whose contours are revealed you shoot paint into it to, revealing the land and architecture in it, splatter by splatter? That's not quite the bullet-point of "you can shotgun a guy's head off," but ok.

Oh, and how about this level in which you're shooting water instead of paint and, wherever you shoot drops of water, that's where a creeping cluster of vines and branches grows, eventually creating, dynamically, a ladder for you to scale a wall and continue on? Perfectly nice, but what about co-op and lens flare? (Skip to 8:20 of the above video if you want to see that water-and-vine stuff.)

Unfinished Swan is one of the most extraordinary games on the PS3 release list. If you have a PlayStation 3, prepare to play Unfinished Sawn whenever it's released, sometime in 2012 as a download on the PlayStation Network, if we're lucky.

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