If You Love Loki So Much, Maybe You Should Just Play Him

Thor: the Dark World is in theaters everywhere, and we all know it's only for naming uniformity that it's not called Loki: the Dark World. The god of mischief is hot, so of course he's the playable star of Marvel Heroes' update 2.0: Asgard.

The Asgard update for Gazillion's massively multiplayer Marvel Comics game kicked off this weekend with a massive player-driven world event which will, upon its completion, unlock the Bifrost bridge to Asgard.


The home of the Norse gods will act as a brand new player hub, filled with new missions and people playing as Loki. Maybe a couple of folks in the new Beta Ray Bill Thor costume or Asgardian Armor Storm.


Other changes in Update 2.0 include the addition of rings and legendary items, which level as players do, along with a new lineup of free starting heroes — there were five, now there are nine.

None of that is as exciting as Loki, of course. The trickster comes in two flavors: Hiddleston, seen above, and classic.


The 2.0 game update, as with Marvel Heroes in general, is free for all players. Loki is available in a pack with both costumes for $19.99. Small price to pay for the guy who unseated Doctor Doom as Marvel's greatest villain.

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