Twitter user Otakumi makes Japanese sweets or "wagashi" (和菓子). Traditionally, they are served with tea and are inspired by nature or animals motifs. These sweets, however, are inspired by anime and video games.

Otakumi crafts sweets at Kuramoto Hinode, a wagashi maker in Tokushima Prefecture. These wagashi are soft and called "nerikiri" (練り切り). They're made from a rice-based dough and bean paste. Here is Otakumi's more traditional handiwork:

Artisans make an array of shapes—however, anime and video game characters are rather unique!

You can follow Otakumi on Twitter or, if you are in Tokushima, visit Kuramoto Hinode. If you are interested in making these sweets, try this recipe.

オ匠@キャラ菓子 [otakumi_wagashi@Twitter]

Photo: Otakumi

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