Homeland, ya heard? If you haven't heard, I'm here to let ya know: It's a pretty awesome show. I mainlined the entire first season, which you can now get on DVD, last week. Goodness. It's a lot of fun. I describe it as, basically, "If 24 has been an actually good show."

That perhaps undersells it. Anyhow, there's a reason this show won a ton of Emmys last year—it is high quality! Also of high quality is this epic supercut of Claire Danes making her amazing cryface.

Do you watch Homeland? Are you a fan? (Let's do good spoiler warnings in the comments, please.) Do you think this season is better, or worse than the first season? Do you agree that it has the most clusterfucky opening credits of all time?

Feel free to discuss Claire Danes, crying, My So-Called Life, or whatever else, here or over in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. Have good chatting, and be vigilant.

(Via Jezebel)