If you Don't Own or Want a 3DS, "What's wrong with you?"

Nintendo president of America Reggie Fils-Aime is probably kidding (half-kidding) when he wonders, at the start of this video, what's wrong with people who don't have or want a Nintendo 3DS. Consider it a milder form of him kicking your ass and taking your name.

In this debut installment of Nintendo Direct, Fils-Aime hypes lots of Nintendo product, from Zelda to Mario Kart to a neat-looking trio of downloadable games coming to the 3DS' eShop. Go to the 3:30 mark for that: We get Freakyforms (which we saw when it was called Picture Lives), Pushmo (which we drooled over when it was called Hiku-Osu) and Dillon's Rolling Western).


If you don't care about this story, though, what's wrong with you?

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