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We may earn a commission from links on this page

If Wolfenstein Beats Madden, Wolfenstein Is Free

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Raven Software designer Manveer Heir has mounted a one-man Twitter Wolfenstein marketing campaign, offering to pay for your copy of the game if it manages to outsell Madden 10.

Yes, he's completely serious folks. If the latest game in the long-running first-person shooter franchise manages to topple the game that generally dominates the month of August, he'll reimburse you the full retail price for Wolfenstein.


Here's the original tweet:

Here's the deal folks: if Wolfenstein outsells Madden 10 in August I will personally pay for your copy (keep your receipt) - SPREAD THE WORD


Since that original post earlier this morning, Heir has gone on the clarify details about the offer. For instance, reimbursements will take place on an international level, and he'll be using official NPD numbers to determine whether or not he needs to pay. Oh, and you need to follow him on Twitter to collect, so pay close attention to the link below.

It's a pretty bold statement, but I'd say that going up against Madden for the month of October with a first-person shooter is like trying to entice your football-loving spouse into sex with a striptease in front of the television on Super Bowl Sunday. It's futile, and you could get hurt.

Besides, if he has that kind of money to spend, why not buy a bunch of copies himself to pad the numbers? It would certainly save him a fortune in PayPal fees.

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